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Download Now Full Setup Of Nokia Ovi Suite For Free

What is nokia Ovi? Nokia Ovi is a smarter way to connect your Nokia Cellular device to your PCs or Laptops to managing and transferring content between your Nokia device and computer. With Nokia Ovi Suite, you can move messages, contacts, photos, music and more between your computer and your Nokia device, and share your photos on Ovi network. You can also keep your Nokia device and computer in sync, update your Nokia device with the latest software, and keep your valuable content safe and accessible everywhere.

It is a great alternative of Nokia PC Suite with addition of various new features.
Another matter of surprise, that nokia provide Full featured setup of Ovi, while some day ago it was only of 12 MB live installer file you are allowd to download from nokia.
Now you are able to download full setup of Ovi and can install it ofline. It does not need internet connection to be installed, like previous version of live installer.

What Can You Do With Nokia Ovi?

View and edit your contacts on your computer and device. Sync your contacts between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite, and with the software you use on your computer for calendar and e-mail.
Move contacts between your computer and device by dragging them from one location to another.

Get all the messages on your device copied to the computer when you connect your device to the computer. Read the messages stored on your computer. Retain copies of your messages on the computer even if you delete the messages from your device. View the messages from your device when the device is connected to the computer.
Send messages to individual people or to contact groups.
Reply to and forward messages you have received. and much more...

With Music in Nokia Ovi Suite, you can transfer music between your Nokia device and a computer, play music, and discover and buy new music.

You can connect several devices with Music. In addition to the music collection on the computer, you can view the music collections on multiple mobile devices. The device area shows the devices that are currently connected, which one is currently selected for viewing, and the status of ongoing activities.

View the photos stored on your device and your photo library in Nokia Ovi Suite.
Copy photos between your device and your photo library.
Add photos to your photo library from a computer folder.
Organise your photos into albums you have created, and delete photos.
Share your photos on the Ovi website.

Backup And Restore
Make a backup of all or just a part of your device's content with Nokia Ovi Suite's backup wizard. It is worth backing up your device content when, for example, you are about to switch to using a new device, or you just want to store the device's content safely on the computer.

Later you can restore, for example, your old device's content to your new device, or some accidentally lost content back to your device with Nokia Ovi Suite's restore wizard.

Software Update
You can easily update your device software or Nokia Ovi Suite with Nokia Ovi Suite's software updates wizard. If you already have the latest device software installed, but for some reason it is not working properly, you can also reinstall it with the same wizard. In addition, you can install and update certain device applications.

Connecting to the internet
You can use your mobile device to connect a computer to the internet. To do this, you need to have your mobile device connected to the computer via a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

Content syncing
Syncing means that you update content between different locations - for example, between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite - so that you have the exact same content in each location.
By syncing content, you can keep it up to date in your device, Nokia Ovi Suite, and your data management software, if applicable. Also, having content synced keeps it safe in Nokia Ovi Suite in case you would ever happen to lose your device.

Operating systems:- Windows XP, Vista
hard Drive:- 2GB minimum
Ram:- 512MB minimum
Processor:- 1 GHz Intel® Processor or Minimum
Grafics Card:- 64MB minimum

Developer:- Nokia
File Name:- Nokia_Ovi_suite_webinstaller_All.exe
File Size:- 90.2 MB
File Version:- Latest
Language:- Multi-language
Price:- Free
Last Updated:- July2, 2010.

Link To Download:-

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